Hello, and how is your wellbeing today?

Wellbeing is a state of happiness where life feels meaningful, do-able and enjoyable. When we experience wellbeing, we are usually somewhere in the territory of our ‘heart choice essentials’. 

Heart Choice Essentials refers to the things people love to do and the way we do them that can shape our best “self” and a connected community.

The vision with Heart Choice Essentials is vibrant wellbeing in living, leading and caregiving.

It is so good that you are here, because we need to actively pursue wellbeing individually and collectively through this chaotic time of global change, when a primary challenge is to remember that we humans have every capacity we need to consciously create, contribute and commune for a brighter future.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Cherie…freelance wellbeing practitioner and writer. My wellbeing wisdom and perspective have grown from a background in allied health, the disability sector, academia, and from lived experience too.

In a typical week you’ll often find me caregiving and advocating, being a mum-taxi or walking our pooch. Some of the things that replenish me are meditation, yoga, watercolouring and bushwalking in some of the beautiful nature parks here in South Australia. Life is full, constantly changing, and I have much gratitude!

We are located in Adelaide, South Australia

Contact Cherie Rowett – E: hce@iinet.net.au