Welcome to the ‘Heart Choice Essentials’ Blog!

Glad you have found your way here, and pleased to “virtually” meet you for a deep dive into a life of “heart choices” – because choices in the little moments and the bigger momentous choices too – all contribute to our experiences of wellbeing in living, leading and caregiving.

I blog here to shine a light on the various capabilities, environments, approaches, skills and strategies that enable people to experience wellbeing. We all put life together in unique ways for our unique circumstances, but heart choice essentials for vibrant wellbeing are relevant to all of us.

I invite you to become a follower of this blog to raise your focus on wellbeing. Please post feedback and comments from your experiences – love to hear from you.

For those of you who have been on the journey with me over recent years, thank you! This branding update in late August 2022 has involved a change to just one word of my previous brand, and along with the new website, I am delighted with how much better they convey my services for assisting people. So pleased you are here!

Until next blog post, keep your eyes on your wellbeing!