How are you ‘Tending’ ?

It’s here – the SA Nature Festival – 6th to 16th October 2022.  Yay!  The Festival theme this year is “tending”. How perfect is that? An action word that also conveys intention.

For me the word tending evokes a sense of ongoing attention and caring connection, together with actions of persistent benevolence. Is that the sense you have of tending, too?

How fortunate we are if we can tend to nature in the environmental sense… tending some vegetation and biodiversity near to where we live. Maybe growing stuff on the land around your home or in a community garden. Maybe tending to “national park” areas by actively helping with revegetation and conservation in “Friends” groups. Maybe restoring habitat like putting up nesting boxes or donating to wildlife rescue. So many options.

We humans are Nature too. How valuable to invest our efforts in looking after each other well. Tending to our family, tending to our neighbours, tending to our workmates, tending to loved ones who need our caregiving, and receiving tending from each other with gratitude too. Any or all of these are great ways to tend as nature intended.

How very fortunate if we also take the time to tend to ourselves well – reading our own needs, honouring our highest self and doing the things that can keep our energetic cup filled. Indeed, tending via self care is probably the first and foremost important starting place in keeping alive our tending tendencies beyond that.

“Oxford Languages online” indicates the definition of ‘tend’ to be,,,

  • go or move in a particular direction
  • regularly or frequently behave in a particular way or have a certain characteristic

So during this year’s Nature Festival what a good time to ponder the theme of tending – How am I tending myself, how am I tending the people around me, and how am I tending the earth and her diverse species of life?

The SA Nature Festival is in its’ third year, and has over 300 events to choose from in the program. Head to Eventbrite to search events & book.

Cherie Rowett is hosting a couple of events in the Nature Festival – one in Mitcham on Friday 7th October, 1 to 3pm, and one at the River Torrens in Kidman Park on Friday 14th October, 10am to 12noon. Hoping you can participate in either or both of these, especially those who are involved in caregiving and advocacy for loved ones in your family. Come and connect with Nature in a way that recharges the caregiving ‘batteries’. Materials and refreshments supplied, Tix via the links.

Photo: Nature Journalling invites nature observation and connection and all the health benefits of being in Nature.

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